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Interior Motives

One of America’s Premier Furniture Dealers of High Design Chic

We understand the joie de vivre our buyers experience from living amongst furniture that inspires them from all angles. The sort of pieces that immediately elicit attention and curiosity. Our curated line of seductive one of a kind designer furnishings do just that.

Meticulously curated and enhanced selected pieces deliver a luxurious and chic experience.

With a keen eye for what’s hot, we transform iconic furniture with seductive textures, sultry hides and professional finishes to meet the demands of those inspired to live amongst beautiful things.

Sexy on the eye and sexy to the touch, our sculptural furniture draws you in from a distance with luxurious textures that inspire a feel.

Delivering repeat glances and sultry feels since 2019.

J. Perez, Managing Partner
David Deatherage, Creative Director