INMO Style Guide: Mid-Century Modern vs Hollywood Regency Part One, an Introduction

INMO Style Guide: Mid-Century Modern vs Hollywood Regency Part One, an Introduction

There are certain schools of design that have earned the moniker of timeless—outliving their eras, their designers and their contemporaries, avoiding anachronism and obscurity. Among the most popular and lasting of many styles of vintage furnishings is Mid-Century Modern. Mid-Century Modern describes architecture, furniture, and graphic design from the middle of the 20th century, roughly from 1933 into the 1970’s. A part of the larger modernist movement, Mid-Century Modern design saw a minor resurgence in the nineties, and an even larger revival more recently, thanks in no small part to AMC’s hit television show, Mad Men. The love affair for Mid-Century design reached a fevered pitch as fictional ad-man Don Draper sat in his Eames Lounge chair drinking a proper Old Fashioned, surrounded by the clean lines and organic shapes of notable designers such as Edmond Spence, Edward Wormley, Paul McCobb and Herman Miller.

Another notable school of design from the same era, Hollywood Regency, has also recently celebrated a resurgence in popularity. Hollywood Regency, sometimes called Regency Moderne, is a school of design characterized by a bold use of color and contrast often with metallic and glass accents meant to signify both opulence and comfort. It is named for Hollywood’s Golden Era, from the 1920s through the 1950s, and beyond, typified by the work of designers such as Dorothy Draper, George Vernon Russell, Douglas Honnold, John Woolf, and Billy Haines. Hollywood Regency style furniture tends to have rich textures, contrasting colors, and luscious curves with a mix of bold statement pieces and delicate accents to balance lavish fabrics and finishes with traditional architectural elements.

Which one is right for your home? In the coming weeks, we will explore these two iconic styles, their history, how they differ, and how they complement one another. Be sure to shop our collections to see our Mid-Century Modern and Hollywood Regency offerings, and don’t forget to check back often as we update our inventory weekly.

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