Adrian Pearsall Pit Style Yellow Semi-Circular Sofa 3 Piece Sectional


CONDITION: Wear consistent with age and use. DATE: 1970 DIMENSIONS: H 22 in. x W 152 in. x D 78 in. Categories: , ,

Adrian Pearsall semi-circular sectional sofa by Craft & Associates, circa 1970s. Inset base gives a futuristic floating experience and creates an instant conversation pit be it an open floor plan or traditional room. This particular circular sofa is a great choice for smaller spaced dwellings or apartments/condominiums that may have limiting spaces for moving (stairways/ hallways, small freight elevators). The sofa comes apart into 3 pieces. Additionally, because of the lower height profile, the sections are shorter/narrower and not bulky/heavy. Beautifully designed vintage sofa that you’ll be able to enjoy and take with you.

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